Web design and its endless possibilities for e-commerce

Web design and web designing

Both these terms are used interchangeably and alternatively but have the same connotations. For the purpose of simplification, web designing is treated as a sub-section or segment of web development although the disciplines more often than not merge.  top-svcmenu_img01The web development is a broad framework incorporating processes or mechanisms for development of a website either for the International Network or Internet (World Wide Web) or Intranet (networking within an organization or LANS). Web development as a discipline consists of the sections or processes of web designing, content development, client connection, client side and server side scripting, security design and coding for servers and networks, and e-commerce advancement.

Web design and development can mean formulating or developing a simple page with a plain text like that of a text book with no images or graphics to designing a very complex and elaborate web page using the latest web based application softwares and techniques. Professionals working in this realm are categorized according to their employment profile i.e. whether they are working as contracting professionals taking up contracts for small organizations or working as full-time regular employees. So there are web developers, webmasters, web designers, graphic designers, and IT technicians.

Rapid grow

csm_fotolia_29594800_subscription_xl_01_d75a87a8fdIndustry wise, web development and design has grown at a phenomenal rate since the 1990s. It is estimated that USA alone has more than 60,000 web development firms as of 2011. More and more global conglomerates and multinational corporations have gone online to tap the online market spearheading the growth of web development. Competition has almost dramatically brought down the cost of website development and many tools, techniques, and platforms taken as a system are now available free of cost. The operating systems like Linux, PHP, MySQL, and  Apache, can be downloaded free of cost.


These days, users are using several CMS or CMF-content management systems or frameworks as web development applications for developing new content. And most of them are available for free. Some of these are WordPress, joomla, drupal, dotnetnuke and so on.


wordpressIt is an open source and free content management system using PHP and MySQL. Currently it is the CMS that generates the maximum number or hits from online users. Amongst the many attributes of wordpress, a template system and a plug-in gallery are worth mentioning.


It is a content management framework that is also free and open sourced that aids in publishing or editing content on the Internet or intranets.Drupal- It is another free CMS and CMF using the PHP script. Aids in knowledge management, mergers and business tie-ups.

Web developement, as well as web design, has become one of the best IT sectors, where you can make a lot of progress in terms of your career. Rapid grow of this sector directly influences the competition which means you have to do your best in order to reach the number one place in this business. The best thing is that your will and efforts are the main elements for becoming successful in this field of work.

SEO as the key for internet marketing

By Terry Holt / September 9, 2016

While searching for any information in the search engine we usually notice a list of result related to the required information and usually we tend to select the websites given at the top as they seem to be more relevant and hardly choose the sites mentioned below. The reason behind this ranking is the Search Engine Optimization, an internet marketing strategy that helps to rank the websites  or promote the sites in the search results so that it receive more visitors.


seo-keyboard-862x575Basically, the search engine optimization is used to receive traffic from the listings of search engines that are free or unpaid, natural and organic. There are various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing that show results containing websites, videos, images and are ranked depending on the relevancy to the users.  To give better result SEO targets these different types of searches, local searching, image searching, video searching, news searching, academic searching and so on.  However, defining the difference between the various search engines, although the basic features of all the search engines are almost same but the only difference is in the relevance of the results.  For search engines like yahoo and bing keywords are very important, whereas Google gives importance to links. Moreover, Google is one of the oldest and top most search engines.

SEO’s activities

From the above discussion, we gathered that the fundamental of the SEO is to consider the functioning of different search engines, the term or keyword for searching, what kind of search and search engines users actually prefer.  The process of Search Engine Optimization involves various activities: crawling the webpage, indexing the links, processing, calculating the relevancy and retrieving result.  aaeaaqaaaaaaaaitaaaajdjiogq0nzvklwq0mjitndkxni1hytvmltmxnmqynwywodnimwIn the first step, the software called the Crawler and is used using the web to check the content in it and follows every link between different pages. The point to be remembered here is that there are millions of webpage coming up each and every day and therefore it may not be possible for the crawler to visit the sites regularly to check the latest addition. Thus, sometimes it may take time to visit the site, may be a month or so.

Indexing and relevancy

The next process is indexing the content or the page and storing it in a database that can be retrieving later.  This is the SEO link building process or indexing, which means identifying the keywords that are related to the page and assigning them or link them. Therefore it is necessary to provide appropriate keywords so that it can be related to the page easily and can get higher ranking in the search result list.

dreamstime_9130566-500x383Then comes calculating the relevancy of the page, which is a process of comparing the search string with that of the indexed pages stored in the database.  As mentioned earlier that there are millions of pages containing the search request, therefore the search engine have to calculate the relevancy of each webpage with the search request. There are certain algorithms that help the search engines to calculate the relevancy, such as links, keyword density, and metatags. Every major search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing have algorithms that are updated regularly. Therefore, it is very much necessary to adapt the latest changes for the pages to rank them at the top of the search results and this can be done only with the help of professional SEO service.  After all these process, the last one is to retrieve the sorted results and showing them in the search results.


Importance of Internet marketing of your business

Search engine marketing (SEM) is form of advertising of your online business profile on internet or in prominent page of various search engines. This process of advertising involves promotion of website by increasing visibility in prominent pages of different search engines like Google, yahoo, amazon, Bing etc. Search engine marketing is huge prospects because it includes work like writing the content, rewrite or adjust the content to achieve higher rank plus most importantly link building.


search-engine-marketing-in-sydneyPay per click can also be introduced which depends on how much you spend as to how high you go up the rankings.Search engine marketing firms are flourished well in USA, there are various other programs and features which are provide by it. Services are provided like web designing, redesigning of existing website, custom web development and mobile app development etc.Search engine marketing firms like usprovide solution like E-commerce, customer relationship management, content management system, link building, managing and hosting of websites, and a solution too social networking platform.

Methods of Optimizing

SEM have a number of methods through which websites are optimized frequently they are followed by assigning keywords to the business profile which needs to be visible in prominent pages of search engines. Keywords should be analyzed with different competitor websites then those analyzed keywords are linked with the website. Now these keywords in the website will generate and convert traffic and makes it available in prominent pages. Secondly, link building and popularity of the website. link building is the number of backlinks presented in the website. Generally the more diverse and quality backlinks that are achieved using our methods, the higher the site will go up the search engines.

1463944417999If the site is well established and the domain is old, it allows for quicker results than a new venture. However, we have the tools and ability to rank all sites no matter how much competition. In third back end tools include HTML validator and web analytics which provides data on website. W3C helps to clear the error present in website, where the errors makes website slow or sometimes they hang or does not come up. When it is checked it starts performing well. Last one is “Whois tool” it relates all the websites liked with the company or the owner and it helps to get valuable information which is related to trademark and copyright issue.

Web Marketing

Web marketing is a feature which is developed in recent times. During mid-90’s many websites were created and marketing of those websites became essential in order to attract more customers for their business. Search engine program is developed to assist online business profiles and advertise it in prominent pages so that potential customers who are searching for can look through their profile first who are in first pages.

Few features were developed for paid advertising like pay per click, local listing, SEO and lot more. In initial days Goto.com in 1996 is developed for spreading marketing of the company, then it is changed into Overture in the year of 2001 and now it is purchased by yahoo in 2003. Similarly Google in 2000 began some advertising features on search result pages. Since from those time search engine marketing has expanded their offerings and is booming.

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